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Home Plumbing Tools: The Essentials

Important: Always Have some Plumbing Tools on Hand

So you find yourself with a plumbing issue at 11:15 pm on a Sunday night.  You think to yourself…”I can fix this!”  You head down to the garage to get yourself the tools or material that you need, only to realize that you don’t have the plumbing tools that you’re looking for.

If only you had kept a drawer full of some of the basic and essential plumbing tools, you wouldn’t be knocking on your neighbors door in the middle of the night or getting dressed to head to the store at midnight. Below we have provided a list of some of the most basic tools that can get you by in a pinch.  Now, most of these tools might not get you through a major plumbing emergency, but at the very least, they will get you through the night until the hardware stores open in the morning.  This will save you some dough by not having to call your local Pittsburgh Plumbing service for a 24 hr emergency repair call.

Plumbing tools

DIY Plumber’s Tool Checklist:

  • A Plunger – a tool that has a cup made of rubber that sits on the end on a long handle that is usually made of wood.  A plunger is used to unclog pipes by force using water pressure. A plunger usually runs about $10 – $20.
  • Pipe Wrench –  an adjustable wrench used for adjusting soft iron pipes and fittings that are round.  Keep in mind that Pipe Wrenches aren’t supposed to be used on hex nuts made of steel or other fittings because they could possibly ruin the head.
  • Work Gloves – As you can probably imagine, some plumbing jobs can get a little nasty.  Some of that stuff you won’t want to be touching with your bare hands. It’s in your best interest to invest in a pair of rubber or nitrile gloves.  Better to be safe than sorry and get yourself a pair that go all the way up to your elbows. You’ve been warned!
  • An Adjustable Crescent Wrench – You never know what the sizes areof the fittings under your kitchen sink or in your basement.  Make sure to have yourself one or two Crescent Wrenches available and they will replace an entire toolbox full of traditional wrenches.
  • Screwdrivers – a flat head and a Phillip’s head screwdriver will come in handy when taking off valve handles or removing any other screws.
  • Teflon Tape – If you’re working with any type of plumbing that has threads, you can apply Teflon Tape t the joints and this will keep the water from leaking out.  It will also make your life easier if you need take it apart in the future.
  • A Bucket – For obvious reasons, you will need a bucket to catch any of the water that may have otherwise spilled out onto the floor and made a mess.
  • A rectangular piece of plywood – Lying underneath a sink isn’t the most comfortable thing that you can do.  If you lay a piece of plywood down making a little ramp, your back will thank you for saving it from all the edges and corners that would have otherwise been poking into it.

So there you have it.  Follow the checklist above and you’ll never be unprepared for a minor plumbing mishap again.  No more late night trips to Wal-Mart only to find that they don’t carry what you need.  Preparation is key.  As my Dad always said…Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!  If you find yourself facing a more serious plumbing issue that you feel needs profesional help, please remember to call Affordable Pittsburgh Plumbing at (412) 944-2850.

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