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4 Ways to Increase Water Pressure in the Shower

I don’t have to tell you that taking  a shower with low water pressure sucks! If you’re looking for a way to increase water pressure in your shower, make sure to read below to find out 4 easy ways to increase water pressure in your shower.

Nothing is worse than still feeling dirty after you get out of the shower because you weren’t even sure if the water was hitting due to the lack of water pressure.  You may ask yourself “Why is this happening?  Can I fix this myself or do I need to call my boys at Affordable Pittsburgh Plumbing?”  Well fear not, as we have made a list of 4 ways to increase water pressure in your shower.

clogged shower

Does Your Shower Have a Flow Restrictor?

So what’s a flow restrictor you ask? A flow restrictor is a little control inside your shower head how much water is allowed to pass through it during a certain amount of time. Flow Restrictors are usually used to conserve water.

The Flow Restrictor prevents you from using excess amounts of water while the other parts of the shower head is used to disperse that amount of water in the best way it can by shooting the water out through tiny holes or the shower head holes my be shaped in such a way to give the effect of increased water pressure.  At times, this may be your problem, but low water pressure s usually caused by a couple of other things.

Does Your Plumbing Have Problems With Hard Water?

Over time, hard water passing through your shower head can leave a build up of residue which contains lime.  If you’re unsure if lime buildup is your problem. You can check this by looking to see if there is a white build up or film on your shower head.  Also, you may have lime build up if your shower’s water pattern is unusual or is only coming out of certain parts of your shower head. If this is the problem, you should usually be able to increase your shower’s water pressure by taking off your shower head and soaking it in hot water or a lime removal product for a few hours.  Once the lime had dissolved, you can put the shower head back on and check to see if that was able to increase water pressure in your shower.

clogged shower 1

Increase Water Pressure by Removing Sediment Build Up

Another common reason for low water pressure is that there is a buildup of sediment inside you plumbing.  You may have some sand, soldering, or peices of debris from previous plumbing projects lodged in your pipes or shower head.  This type of debris can cause your shower hed to become clogged resulting in low water pressure.

You will need to take off the shower head and scrub away any sediment that have built up in there. I’ve found that a toothbrush works best for doing this. You can also fill up a bowl with vinegar and the soak the shower head in it for a while. Doing that is a great way to clear up you shower head.  Also, you can go to your local hardware store and purchase a sediment filter that will help in the prevention of this in the future. Remember, if any of this puts you out of your comfort range, don’t hesitate to call your friends over at Affordable Pittsburgh Plumbing.

Are Your Pipes Clogged or Are Your Pipes to Small?

If you feel there is a need to increase the pressure of your water in a brand new shower, it may be due to the size of your pipes. You should always have a 1/2′ pipe supplying your shower at the very least.

Another possible reason could be that your pipes are blocked.  This could be caused by your iron pipes being corroded or by some type of plumbing material blocking the way from a joint that was poorly jointed.

If your tired of feeling unsatisfied after bathing because you need to increase the pressure of your shower, now is the time to get it taken care of.  The things listed above can be large contributors to your problem, but often times it takes a professional Pittsburgh Plumber to restore the pressure of your shower to your liking.  Call Affordable Pittsburgh Plumbing at (412) 944-2850.  We’ve been servicing Pittsburgh plumbing since 1979.  You can count on us to get the job done right.  Call today!


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