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Air Conditioning Repair Pittsburgh: Call Us (412)944-2850

Are you looking for  an AC Repair professional in Pittsburgh, PA?  

Whether you’re in need of immediate repairs for your home’s cooling system or if you just want to schedule a yearly inspection, we can help.  Affordable Pittsburgh Plumbing is here to help you with your air conditioning repair.  We have two goals. One is making sure that your air conditioning unit is functioning at it’s peak potential.  The second is to save you money throughout the year on your energy bill.  That is why we offer all sorts of different services and packages. We do ductless AC installation all the way up to a complete system inspection. We are the AC professionals and we’re ready to work on your HVAC system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Best Air Conditioning Repair Service in Pittsburgh, PA

We specialize n quite a few areas of plumbing. Our services include:

  • Ductless AC installation and maintenance
  • Filter check and replacement services
  • Complete system and safety inspections every time
  • AC drainage inspections and troubleshooting
  • General air conditioning maintenance
  • New AC system installations


Air Conditioning Repair: Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Affordable Pittsburgh Plumbing
3318 Cargill Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 944-2850


 Depending on the kind of home you live in, a ductless AC installation might be the best option for your particular needs. With AC installation, it is possible to install units individual into separate rooms. This actually gives you direct control over the temperature in each room, allowing you to save money on rooms you do not frequently throughout the day. General air conditioning maintenance is important as well. We want to make sure your AC is working optimally, yet after a full year, it can eventually start to wear down. Whether this is due to a vent leaking the treated air or deterioration in the system itself, we provide repair services in Pittsburgh, PA. Plus, there are times where you need assistance on your AC system at a moments notice. Sometimes the AC can fail on you in the middle of the night during a summer heatwave. Instead of attempting to sleep in complete discomfort, give us a call , because Affordable Pittsburgh Plumbing specializes n air conditioning repair. We can be at your home, diagnose the situation and correct it.


From new AC installation to air conditioning repair, we are here to help make sure you’re always comfortable inside of your home. The last thing you should deal with is a faulty AC unit that is using too much electricity. Also, you don’t want a unit that isn’t providing you with enough properly treated air. So, whether you want to have your AC system inspected for potential issues or if you need your air conditioning repair, give us a call. We’re here to help you out.